Savage Like: Must i Expose My Lover on my Lover?

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In the avoid out-of Roe into the physical violence toward democracy so you're able to the new weather crisis to your combat with the Ukraine, it's all not so great news, non-stop, for everyone. Nevertheless the monkeypox outbreak try a supplementary nothing helping from crappy news especially for homosexual and you can bi men. (Over 96% out-of monkeypox cases have gay and you may bisexual boys.) Hey, faggots? If you have a rash or feel like you've got distended glands, stay home. And if you are sexually productive otherwise aspire to become soon, have the monkeypox vaccine at the first options. At the same time, is a line offering most of the gay questions in order to encourage united states one to gay existence isn't just freaking out from the ingrown hairs. – Dan

I'm a mid 50's gay kid, married to men. We have been together three decades.