Chopper along with appears to have a near relationship with Zoro, exactly who Chopper close idol worships while the he is "therefore cool"

Chopper along with appears to have a near relationship with Zoro, exactly who Chopper close idol worships while the he is "therefore cool"

Roronoa Zoro

Much like the guy really does which have Luffy and you can Usopp, he's a highly close matchmaking. In the A lot of time Band Long Belongings Arch, Helicopter was split up about staff as a result of the Straw Hats losing an event, and you will becomes distraught. Zoro yells on your to avoid worrying, as actually a good pirate is actually his decision, which means that in this world, no-one tend to value his rips. That it improves Chopper's look after as a pirate, and then he will get way less likely to whining and you can whining, even with their kid-including nature. Zoro educated Helicopter one to even when the crewmate features s, they nonetheless adhere with her just like the a staff and are generally stronger it way. One of his favourite steps you can take should be to trip to the Zoro's shoulders while they are traveling and sometimes works so you're able to your when he is frightened. Zoro including appears even more defensive out-of Chopper than simply other people. It is seen you to Zoro is certainly one to store your as he comically falls toward any style out-of drinking water of trying to leave Nami's nuts moodiness (when you are Sanji possess conserved Luffy seem to compared), in the event Helicopter however gets aggravated that have Zoro and when the guy will be taking off bandages from wounds the guy sustained out-of matches or is wanting to instruct before their wounds provides fully healed. However, the guy does annoy Zoro whenever Helicopter clings to their face in order to prevent shedding towards drinking water such as for example how it happened during the Liquids eight throughout the Aqua Laguna. Helicopter is not scared so you're able to argue otherwise wrestle the newest swordsman and you can dislikes it whenever Zoro shows a lack of take care of absent crewmembers.

Pursuing the timeskip, Helicopter is more voluntarily to conquer Zoro up for any stupid decision-making yet still highly respects his event due to the fact shown when he was awestruck of the their vastly increased energy regarding the battle up against Surume.

Nami is very attracted to Helicopter, and that is the original of your own crew to identify him due to the fact a physician. She areas his training when you look at the medicine and cares getting their protection doing her own. Additionally, Helicopter respects their capability to browse; even when he can be scared of the woman compulsive fascination with money and you will criminal character for the "idiots" of one's crew to such an extent that he works or places upwards their Guard Part in these swift changes in moods. The two share a romance which is comparable to an adult sister's and you can a young brother's. Nami have a tendency to kiss to Chopper's fur to possess desire inside the cool facts otherwise whenever the woman is frightened. Nami and you may Chopper are defensive of any most other, eg whenever Franky earliest advised killing Chopper to get rid of their rampage in the Monster Form Nami threatened to help you kill him if the guy did thus (although several did developed a much better decide to conserve Chopper). Having said that Nami performed keep Helicopter right up once the an effective secure from a recharging Zoro just who Nami envision Zoro is heading so you can attack her toward Punk Possibility, when in knowledge, Zoro was looking to cover her or him off Monet. Nami and you can Helicopter and additionally bonded in sadness over Sanji's get off within the Zou and had been the first to ever volunteer to visit save yourself him which have Luffy.  

Whenever Absalom is stalking Nami, Helicopter sought out out of their means to fix include their. Nami also comfortable Chopper as he was disturb more Hogback's betrayal. On account of their innocence and you can lack of demand for person female, Nami allows Helicopter (even after your being a male) come across this lady nude regarding shower plus encourages your so you can subscribe the woman.


Initial, Usopp is actually terrified in the eyes from Helicopter but immediately after the guy finds out you to definitely Helicopter is actually Luffy's pal, the guy treats your top specially when the second suits the fresh new team. On account of his naive character, Chopper is actually a fateful listener to Usopp's lays, many of which the guy extremely believes, about for a short time. Very first bonding that have Usopp as one of the weakened people in the team, Usopp informed him you to definitely "you ought to constantly still create your skill towards the crew". This may involve never ever running away in a number of affairs, especially when the fresh hopes for friends commonly becoming given serious attention. They have pulled these suggestions deeply so you can center from the time. Actually, the guy thought 1st recognition once the a good pirate when he felt like not to ever work at away from Skypiea Priest Gedatsu, and finally outdone your. Whenever Usopp leftover the newest staff, Chopper was perhaps one of the most influenced crewmembers, and you will after Luffy beat Usopp throughout the duel toward Going Merry, Helicopter planned to go get rid of their injuries immediately however, must become artificially dropped by Sanji, exactly who bought him never to stomp into the Usopp's pleasure by the data recovery him once their beat (as he currently had received mercy because of the Luffy). Chopper nonetheless gave particular medicine for Usopp to utilize however, leftover him be. Helicopter skipped Usopp dearly despite Zoro advising him let-alone his identity any more and decrease entirely to own Usopp's "Sogeking" disguise, also asking him getting an autograph. Immediately after Enies Lobby, whenever Usopp apologized and you can rejoined brand new crew, Helicopter bust into the happier rips from happiness because the their friend came back. Helicopter, Usopp and you can Nami had been very terrified into the Thriller Bark, but Helicopter try willing to protect against zombies to keep Usopp and you may both joined to protect Nami off Absalom and you can Lola.

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