2Go mobile - Intro explainer

A quick insight to why using  2Go Universal Mobile Access software can improve your productivity by enabling you to securely use enterprise applications on mobile devices without the need to develop mobile apps!

MCP Consulting Group - Explainer

We worked closely with Visual Identity to create an explainer for MCP Consulting Group that demonstrates how you can produce savings in operating and capital expenditure within the asset management industry by using MCP's smart solutions

Civica - Experience explainer

Experience is a cloud based software that enables healthcare organisations to understand real-time patient feedback, prioritise risk areas and drive service improvement. This explainer covers the many functions and benefits Civica provides within this service.

CESjoinIN - Product promo

In this promotional video created for Civica's CESjoinIN platform, we establish some amazing outcomes that organisations can benefit from by using CESjoinIN to connect people virtually with online video, Q&A and voting. 

CRE Regeneration Ballot - Explainer

Since 2018 Councils and Housing Associations planning to regenerate estates must seek approval from residents via a ballot. This animation for The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames explains the process as well as different voting options available to residents.

CarEnabler - Explainer

The UK elder care sector is dramatically growing under pressure to recruit new staff. SeraCares' CareEnabler app provides extensive information to train care staff, track competency and progress.  

NHS - Healthy Weston explainer

An explainer video produced for NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG as part of their ‘Healthy Weston’ campaign.

Raising awareness of changing healthcare in Weston and enabling locals to have a say.

Find out more here.

Propel Technology - Explainer 

A collaboration with thinkdisruptive.co who were working as project managers/consultants, we produced an explainer for Propel by Deloitte.

This explainer explores some of the many issues business’s face whilst managing their finances. Demonstrating how The Propel by Deloitte Technology can take the stress out of tasks bringing finances to life with engaging content and usability of the dashboard throughout.

ERS - Explainer 

This explainer for ERS gives a break down of what is included in the course and displays some of the engaging content and the usability of the program.

Swindon Borough Council - Promo video 

The UK government are piloting across 5 county’s the use of IDs when voting to prevent voter fraud in the UK. The government may role out using ID nationally depending on what happens in this year’s 5 Pilots. This video was created to raise awareness of the pilot within Swindon.

#savehamiltonhouse - Explainer

For 9 years Coexist CIC has occupied Hamilton House creating a community and creative space for hundreds of people including myself. The landlord now has plans to use the space for residential flats. This animation explains the current situation and informs what you can do to help save this space.

African Development Bank - IDEV report

The objective of this animation was to break down a rather wordy annual report into a short concise video. The piece was produced in both English and French.


MES - Membership engagement

In 2017 NHS England issued new guidance about Conflicts of Interest to all NHS bodies. This video informs the public and NHS staff about these changes and explains how MES Declare services can be used to help them to comply with the new guidance.

Tresham College - Explainer

Worked with Visual Identity on this animation to produce a brief, punchy explainer video for Tresham College, which is being used as a promotional piece on a variety of social media.

ACCA - Your vote matters

Created to raise awareness of election of the Council of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), informing members on how they can vote using systems provided by Electoral Reform Services (ERS).

First Man Films - Logo sting

A collaborative production with a 3D illustration artist, creating an exciting logo sting for a feature film based on the block buster film “First Man”.

Carlos Reinjak - A Wonderful Light

This piece promotes the published book and the author’s talks leading up to the book release. Carlos is a pastor of the Brazilian Church in England where, for 12 years in the UK, he has been living differently to his life of crime in Brazil. Carlos tells of events that changed his life forever.